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If you would like to help us collect signatures, please fill out the contact information below. We will then be able to keep in contact with each other, and we will make the petitions, tips, and instructions available to you as soon as they are available.

It is also imperative for all of our Volunteers to be very familiar with the general petitioning instructions found on our Amendment page. We will be going over those with you.

We will not share your information with anyone without your consent! If you just want to collect a few signatures from friends & family without having your contact information listed on our website, that's fine. If you want to have information listed so anyone in your area can contact you to sign, that is an option for you, as well. You also have the option of having people who want to sign provide their contact information so you may contact them.

We let you decide what contact information is shared publicly, if any!

You may tell us your preferences in the "Message" field below, or when we contact you, the choice is yours!

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

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3 Responses to Become A Volunteer

  1. rickie jaworski says:

    Lets get this done

    • pat says:

      tried to sign up to volunteer tried the capta that I am suppose to type letters and numbers shown but none work? tried several times- don’t I type all numbers and letters? any advise

      • Don says:

        Not sure why the captcha isn’t working for you, but I have added you to our Volunteers email list. After our summary is approved next month, we will have signing locations, volunteers, and events all over the state. Most have already sent their petitions to us, so locations are very limited until after summary approval. At that point, though, late next month, we will be emailing you updates. We haven’t expanded much with only needing 1,000 signatures for summary approval, but once that happens, we have a host of organizers, volunteers, and financial backers that are ready to get our petitions out there everywhere in the state.

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