Register to Become a Volunteer to collect signatures, or Find a Volunteer near you so you can sign.  You may also see our Events Page to see if there are any upcoming events in your area where you can sign.  If there are no volunteers or events listed for your area, please be patient.  We have just finished revising our petition, the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act, and are still working on getting our volunteer info together.  All levels of help are welcomed and greatly appreciated!



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  1. mike gray says:

    i want to help and make sure you have my signature

    • Don says:

      We are just getting started, but we will have volunteers, signing locations, and events posted where you will be able to sign. If you are able to make it to Yellow Springs this Saturday for their Street Fair, that is the first and only event that we have scheduled so far, details on our Events page. Once we get the volunteers’ info together, we will make that available on the site as well. This will be a long road to 2016, so there will be ample time. Stay tuned to our site and Facebook page to stay updated. And thanks for the support!

  2. Jesteen Gutierrez says:

    Hello. I was wondering if you still needed volunteers? I was working with the Ohio Rights Group but have not heard from them & heard from other volunteers that they have split apart. I am still interested in helping to get this passed.

    • Don says:

      Yes, we are all Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis and we all need to work together. We are nearly ready to submit our summary, and once that’s approved, we will need all the help we can get. ORG had an impressive run, and we’ve heard those same rumors, though can’t confirm. Regardless of what they do next, we are looking at the 2016 ballot at the earliest for our full legalization intiative. You can sign up as a volunteer on this page, http://responsibleohioans.org/volunteers/become-a-volunteer/ , that way we have some contact info, we will be making an announcement soon on the summary submission, may need to petition another event or two if we can ever pull ourselves away from our paying jobs. Thanks for the help and support, for ORG and ROC – somebody has to do something and we can’t expect our state government to do it for us.

  3. Don,

    I am so excited! I heard about this some time ago. I was the last Hamilton County Captain for the ORG and we did HUGE things here in Hamilton County.. I have since formed a community group to work on some local initiatives. We just had our first fundraiser last weekend. I formed the group after the rumors of the well funded initiative. I DO NOT want what I have heard they will be offering. I would love to be highly involved. We have Oktoberfest coming soon and there are 500,000 people at this event. The last event I organized here, we collected 2700 signatures in 3 days. Sorry to go on and give you a resume but I am just really excited about this. I will sign up at the link above. Thank you!

    • Don says:

      I’ve been in talks with several individuals locally about following Toledo’s lead, as well. It may not change state laws, but it’s a great way to protect the people from them. I’ve also read an article about a proposed initiative that wouldn’t allow home growth, and if we can’t grow our own, then it’s not cannabis freedom at all. There are so many avenues being tried, and I think it all has to do with what has worked and hasn’t worked in other states. We only have Colorado and Washington to point to for now, and we’ll get to see how a few other states and DC fare on legalizing this November. Our wording is bold and tight; there’s virtually no room for legislative tampering after the fact short of the state government doing their own Constitutional amendment. It’s bolder than CO & WA’s laws, but we feel that that is what the people want, that’s what the patients need, and until they can prove a SINGLE short or long term adverse health problem, it’s our inalienable right.

      We need the initial 1,000 signatures to resubmit our summary. At this point, we have well over that, but just to make certain that we have enough valid signatures, we are going to wait until we petition at least one more event. I finally got a weekend off work approved and will be at the Resonance Music & Arts Festival Oct 2-4th. A couple more thousand signatures would be great, too! That looks like it’s this weekend! I can make it down there Sunday, perhaps, but if you want to help get signatures this weekend, I’ll forward some petitions to you right away.

  4. Heather Ream says:

    I would like to offer my signature as well as time to volunteer in getting signatures. Thanks!

    Heather Ream

    • Don says:

      I have sent you an email, Heather. If you haven’t seen it yet, may need to check your spam or junk folders and mark it as not spam/junk… And Thank You!

  5. Donna M says:

    I was wanting to sing the petition. I realize the good that marijuana does for the economy as well as for medical reasons. Just want this state to get out of the dark ages, ” Come to the light Ohio”. Look at the increase in revenue for the states that already legalized Marijuana.

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