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**  Important **  Before contacting us, please know that we are NOT ResponsibleOhio and are NOT the group behind Issue 3 on this November’s election. We are Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis, and we’re working on REAL cannabis freedom. Regardless of what happens this year, the fight is not over. Our goal is to get our free market proposal to the ballot in 2016. Read more on our website, click Amendment to read our proposal, or FAQ’s to get the gist.

You can contact us either by commenting below, on any post, or anywhere else on our website or Facebook Page.

If you want to volunteer to help collect signatures, please see our Volunteers Page.

If you want to know where to sign, please see the Find A Volunteer Page or the Events Page.

We also have our new Volunteers Facebook Group where any of us should be able to help.

Send us an email to,

Or snail mail us a letter to:

Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis
8952 Selma Rd.
South Charleston, Ohio 45368


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  1. larry smith says:

    What are your plans for this year? Do you have set number of sig’s you are trying to get? Is a timeline and a due date for the signtures?

    • Don says:

      We are always looking for events and volunteers to help us get signatures. There are only a few of us working on this, and we have limited time and resources. Any help, even event suggestions, are greatly appreciated. We are still working on our initial 1,000 signatures needed for submission (at least 2,000 to ensure that there are enough valid) to get our ballot wording approved. The two medical marijuana groups have already gotten their wording approved for Ohio. All of us will have until the first week of July to submit over 385,000 valid signatures. It is a tough challenge for all of us, and we hope that once our wording is approved, we will be able to obtain the support necessary.

  2. Could you please tell me where I can sign any and all of these petitions? I live in Norwalk, Ohio, and have friends who would like to sign also. Thank you

    • Don says:

      We are still anticipating to petition at Hookahville this weekend, and will certainly be at the Yellow Springs Street Fair on Saturday, June 9th, 2012. I see that Norwalk is about an hour’s drive from Lodi… The NORML Shop there has petitions on hand, plus, they will be available for signing at any events that Ohio NORML sponsors. Watch for updates on theirs and our websites and Facebook pages. Hopefully we will have more signing locations once the full signature drive begins. If you’d like to volunteer, directions can be found on our Ballot page. Feel free to contact us again any time. Thank you.

      • Thank you, You say the NORML shop in Lodi has petitions on hand, can I go there and sign it, or do I have to attend an event? Never gonna get this through if the people can’t find where to sign the petitions. Thanks

  3. Does this group offer endorsements of pro-legalization candidates?

    • Don says:

      Some groups are legally not allowed to endorse candidates, but I believe that that’s just for non-profit organizations, not Political Action Committees. I know that we can support and petition for more than one initiative, but since we’re not a campaign committee, I’ll have to verify to what extent we can endorse you. I, personally, have no problems supporting a Libertarian for any office because of the Party’s stance on this and many other issues (including smaller government, which could make People’s efforts like ours a little easier). I will contact you about this soon, and thanks for the support of our issue!

  4. April says:

    Hello Don, just wanted to leave a comment letting anyone going to the Slightly Stoppid concert in Cleveland tonight they can sign at the NORML table! Also to tell them to get out there, print a copy and get signatures people! I’m no one special and was afriad at first but then I thought to myself, “why am I afraid to do this? I’m not ashamed of supporting this and I know alot of other responsible people who do to!” Point is if you want freedom you have to help where you can. Thats how it works, people fighting for the people. Otherwise your right where they want you.

    • Don says:

      Yes! Thank you April. I will make a post about tonight’s event. There are many responsible People who support this issue all over the world. Several members of the Libertarian Party of Ohio, a couple of officers and emergency responders, and a couple of lawyers that I’ve met have supported legalization, as well as many elderly (and all other ages) who’ve never tried it, but see no harm in it. We won’t discuss any medical efficacy (not sure if we’re legally aloud), but it’s relative safety is far greater than that of many other legal drugs that are being abused. Thanks again for your help!

  5. Missy Prather says:

    My husband is alive and well today because of cannabis. Unfortunately we had to go 1000′s of dollars in debt & travel across Country 2x to get the meds he needed. The Dr.s here had given him up for dead because his cancer was so progressed. What can I do to help besides collect signatures, which I do plan on doing? I have become very outspoken about this & my husband went on the local news to tell about his success with his treatment! We will do whatever we can to help educate & spread the TRUTH about this!

    • Missy Prather says:

      I want to mention we are Grandparents for what it’s worth..

    • Don says:

      Thank you, Missy. Let me start by saying that I do believe that medical use and hemp biodiesel are the two main uses that I would like to see legalized and utilized first. However, with most medical marijuana laws, the taxes, licenses, and regulations are too restrictive to meet patient demands. Full legalization would not only give proper access to the patients that need it, but also keep good people in society where they belong, instead of in a cage for a victimless crime. I appreciate your support, and yes, we are still petitioning, albeit rather slow as of late. I need help collecting signatures and coordinating with our volunteers, and any opportunities found to table any events is always a huge help, too. Our funds are limited, we are not backed by any big industries, and I have personally had a hard winter, making it difficult for me to get out there and do what I need to be doing. Our goal is the 2016 ballot, though, so we do have plenty of time to get our ducks in a row. If you haven’t already, you can register as a volunteer or sign up for our newsletter, which will ensure that you will have updates when available. I will be posting soon about our current status and goals. This is for all of us and it will take all of us to get the job done. Thanks again for your support, and I look forward to talking and working with you in the near future!
      - Don McAdams

  6. Casey says:

    Hello, I just wanted to put some of my information out there for others who still think that it is bad….. My name is Casey I own a small business and I have been in retail management beyond 8 years of my life shortly after getting out of high school…I work every single day. My kids go to school and do great in school,and my wife does great in her college education. I own both of my cars free and clear,and I own my own home free and clear I dont owe money to everyone and everywhere. I dont have debt that exceeds my income. I love my life and love my cannabis.

  7. Deborah Hill says:

    Please ANSWER my correspondence. Are you the same group that has had a petition out on the streets on a volunteer basis for the past 2 years? Are you a new group & will you PLEASE do a paid petition so it will make it to the ballot? I’m pretty sure by now it’s been shown that a volunteer paper, outside of one which deals with unions, teachers, police, fire, that gather in union halls & garner a million signatures, esp one of this nature in a primarily conservative state, will most probably fail to reach the ballot. So, will you have one that I can do & make some cash while helping to free up the system???

    • Don says:

      I have been petitioning almost completely by myself for the past couple of years, yes. We submitted our summary and had it rejected, which is common on first submissions. The lack of support from the People and organizations in Ohio, and the attacks from Ohio Rights Group, have had me wanting to throw in the towel at a couple of points. I’m sorry it hasn’t happened faster, but I made a vow to never give up, and we aren’t. I would love to pay petitioners, but then that comes back to our lack of support thus far – we have no money. I have paid for the petitions, website, entry to several events, transportation, cards, fliers, etc. out of my own pocket so far. Once our summary is approved, we will be in a position to ask for donations for petitioners, but not sooner – I don’t want anyone to feel that they wasted their money supporting us if we never get our summary approved. It’s the responsible thing to do. I am not interested in the money at all, though, I just want to get this done. I believe that it can happen through grassroots. I may be a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, and I’m doing something about it without any financial incentive other than being able to grow my own cannabis and hemp farm after we get this done, which is the same opportunity that every other adult in Ohio would have, too…

  8. Bob Klass says:

    Here’s a question:

    What happens if the ResponsibleOhio people are successful and get their crazy scheme passed in 2015? Would your amendment somehow supersede it after it is passed in 2016?



    • Don says:

      If 2 separate initiatives pass, they would both become law. Any excessive regulations, taxes, or limit on growing that the other group passes would be null once ours passes.

  9. bb says:

    is this part of your amendment.??

    A spokeswoman for that group, ResponsibleOhio, said their amendment would legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana for adults over age 21 and limit production to “10 tightly regulated, heavily taxed growing locations.”

    • Don says:

      No, ResponsibleOhio and Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis are two completely different, polar opposite groups. We have been trying to get this done for a couple of years, this new group ResponsibleOhio should be ashamed of themselves for using such a similar name. I can only speculate as to why they used such a similar, confusing name, but please see our blog for more info…

      • bb says:

        I hope that this confusion doesn’t get lost when it comes time to vote. please send any info. on the ResponsibleOhio culprits who are trying to confuse the public. if the persons behind Respnsibleohio have any ralleys or public forum we should all go to make clear that these are NOT the ones we want. please keep us informed as i would love to question them

  10. Desra says:

    I am perplexed. Why are you not just working with Ohio Rights Group to create a bigger movement for legalization? Why do you want Ohio’s possible cannabis industry to be oligopoly?

    The ORG OCRA had a lot of momentum and many, many good ties.

    Two organizations with the same goal should not be competing with one another. Please explain.

    • Don says:

      We tried working with ORG, our offer was rejected, twice so far. We are NOT the “oligopoly” group, we are the Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis, the new cartel group is calling themselves ResponsibleOhio. The many groups in Ohio do NOT have the same goals. We want real cannabis freedom for all, without excessive taxes and regulations, protections for property, parental, and gun rights, and forgiveness – we have an expungement clause that would let People with cannabis charges on their record get them removed, so long as what they were charged with in the past is something that our initiative makes legal. The other groups want medical or recreational allowances with tight regulations, excessive taxes, and no home growing, several key aspects that we do not feel is necessary for such a benign and beneficial plant. I urge you to read over our proposed Amendment, link is at the top of every page.

  11. Thor Tangvald says:

    I’m a private practice psychiatrist in southern Ohio for over 22 years. As a physician, it’s become intolerable to see the abuse of power our state pushes on its population because supposedly “mainstream medicine” has an opinion that marijuana is deadly. It’s a shame our legislature doesn’t listen to their constituents, nor to the specialists they quote. Marijuana is not a dangerous compound, but our state’s keeping increasingly more people incarcerated and disabled due to possessing marijuana is simply despicable and dangerous.

    I’m just back from a visit to Washington state. What a wonderful experience, buying marijuana in clean stores, in good parts of town, without prescription or concern for personal safety. No major crime, with accidental opiate overdose deaths down by 30%. One unexpected benefit of medical marijuana legislation appears to be a decrease in painkiller overdoses, perhaps because some chronic pain patients are turning to cannabis instead of powerful opioid drugs. .

    We want legal marijuana, and nothing less will do. Our legal situation of busting primarily low level criminal blacks and latinos for marijuana is simply unjustifiable . Creating a dependent race, a dependent generation (if you’ve ever been in jail, the last 3 months are spent in getting you disability, since you will never work again due to having a criminal background). Our increasingly racially aware nation, i.e. Ferguson & Garner, is increasingly demanding our leaders take our position: we want legal marijuana. Once a black or latino gets into the probation phase, it’s exquisitely difficult to get out of the legal systems confinement. It’s appalling that our “leaders” keep on saying marijuana’s not safe, when even the doctors deny this allegation. The doctor’s are educating themselves on the versatility of marijuana. See the mandated continuing medical education information Kentucky just sent me for December, 2014.

    Here we are, four decades after Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs in 1971 and $1 trillion spent since then. What do we have to show for it? America is at war. We have been fighting drug abuse for almost a century. Four Presidents have personally waged war on drugs. Unfortunately, it is a war that we are losing. Drug abusers continue to fill our courts, hospitals, and prisons. The drug trade causes violent crime that ravages our neighborhoods. Children of drug abusers are neglected, abused, and even abandoned. The only beneficiaries of this war are organized crime members and drug dealers.

    The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world, with about 2.3 million behind bars. More than half a million of those people are incarcerated for a drug law violation. What a tragic waste of young lives. How many will demand “their” disability?

    We’ve been through the prohibition thing before, lets get real. This approach won’t work, vis a vis – Our position is that drugs themselves, regardless of their very real potential for abuse, are not moral agents – inherently good or evil – and that adults have an in- alienable right to place what they choose in their bodies.

    We do not take this position lightly, for many of us have witnessed the ravages of drug abuse on individuals and their families. But we take seriously the inalienable right of the individual to use the mood-altering chemical of their choice when there are no deleterious effects, and in cases of abuse, we are joined by a growing number of community and medical leaders who consider drug abuse not a sign of criminal immorality, but a personal mental health issue to be confronted by religious leaders, addiction specialists, social workers, family and friends.

    We need community leaders, the press, websites that encourage taking action such as Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis, or NRA IRL (under take action, under menu on This state sponsored terrorism of society and demagoguery of dependency has to stop. We don’t have the money to support everyone not working.

    It’s about time we demand our leaders follow the specialists (addictionologists and physicians) and their contituents, make marijuana legal! Stop spending the trillions of dollars on worthless prison-industrial complex expenditures, and start allowing society to enjoy the limited resources we have, rather than squander such limited financial resources on prisons, cops, judges, biased press, and disability.

    Thor Tangvald, MD

  12. Amanda says:

    FUCK YOU RESPONSIBLE OHIO! I HOPE YOU AND YOUR DRUG CARTELS BURN IN HELL! Marijuana was meant to be shared and used by everybody! Not regulated and priced by men in suits! I hope I can inform enough people to stop your shit in its tracks.

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