The End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act’s printable petition file will be made available to registered volunteers and per request so we can avoid having volunteers that we don’t know about.  This did cause some confusion and problems after we submitted the petitions last time; we had volunteers with signatures who missed the deadline because we didn’t know they were helping and they didn’t see our posts about needing them turned in.  So please, sign up to be a Volunteer and we will send you instructions and the petition, or go to our Contact page to request the petition file.  Below are links to the Summary and Amendment as written in the petition so everyone can still read what we are fighting for, then decide if they want to help:

The End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act Summary

The End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act proposed Amendment

Petitioning Instructions

If you would like to help us collect signatures, we can’t stress how important it is to follow these Petitioning Instructions! If signers or petitioners don’t follow these simple guidelines, the signatures will NOT be counted as “valid.”  Please note that if you have any felony convictions, you are legally ineligible to petition for us.  Additionally, the law does not require petitioners to be Ohio residents.  Although we would feel more comfortable if all of our volunteers are registered voters, that is also not a legal requirement.


#2 – If you are printing a petition at home, please make sure that all of the words print legibly and DOUBLE STAPLE the petition in the upper left hand corner. DO NOT remove the staples EVER. It is a good idea to use a print store for your petitions. It is your choice whether you want single pages or double sided pages, but it is easier to turn the pages if they are single sided.

#3 – On the first page:
• Leave the “Number” field blank!
• Place your name on the “Issued To” line.
• Fill in the name of the petition’s “County” (where the signers are registered voters).
• Fill in the “Beginning Date” when you start, fill in the “End Date” when you are finished.

#4 – Each petition may be circulated by ONLY ONE petitioner, and that petitioner must witness ALL SIGNATURES. Do not leave the petition on a table. You may use any petition on multiple days, so long as the signatures are collected within the dates listed on the first page.

#5 – Each petition may only contain signatures from REGISTERED VOTERS from ONE COUNTY. If you wish to collect signatures from more than one county, especially at events, please bring multiple petitions.

#6 – Do not sign your own petition, as you may not witness your own signature. Additionally, though it may seem repetitive, you MUST ask people if they are registered Ohio voters before they sign. If they are not registered and you do not have Ohio Voter Registration forms available for them to fill out, then you MUST reject their offer to sign, otherwise their signatures will not count and will undermine our ability to keep an accurate count of signatures. If you have Voter Registration forms, please make sure that they fill it out correctly and MAIL OR DROP IT OFF FOR THEM sometime before mailing or delivering your petitions to us.

  • You can download and print BOTH SIDES of the voter registration forms from the Ohio Secretary of State’s Website here.
  • For complete voting information in Ohio, see the Secretary’s Website here.

#7 – Ward/Precinct is the only optional field. Unless the signer is 100% certain what ward or precinct they live in, it is highly recommended to have them leave it blank. It is for use by the county Boards of Elections during verification of the submitted signatures.

#8 – If someone makes a mistake when signing, have them draw a line through the entire entry. Then have them sign on the next line.  If it is a small mistake that can be easily fixed, please instruct them to put a single line through the mistake, write the correct information, and INITIAL the change, else the signature may not be valid.

#9 – On the last page:
• PRINT your name under the “Statement of Circulator.”
• Write the number of signatures obtained. VERY IMPORTANT -> Count all filled in lines, even those that are crossed off, blank, and those you know to have a mistake(s)! If the number is reported as less than the total number of signature lines filled in, then the whole petition will be discarded by the Board of Electors.  In fact, the best practice on this is to simply enter the number from the very last line that is completed in the petition.
• Leave the “Employed By” blank, as there are no paid petitioners on this project at this time.
• Sign and give your FULL permanent address.

#10 – When we have enough signatures, we will submit! Once we are ready, petitions may be mailed to our address below, or you may Contact Us to work out other methods.

Thank you so much, we look forward to working with you!

Don McAdams

Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis
8952 Selma Road
South Charleston, Ohio 45368

22 Responses to Amendment

  1. smoking pot says:

    Fantastic website. A lot of helpful information here.
    I’m sending it to several buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your effort!

    • Don says:

      Thank you! We currently just need to get the word out and submit our ballot wording for approval. Just a few more signatures, then we believe that we will have enough. Then, if the wording is approved, that’s when the real work kicks in. Thanks for sharing!

      • Angela wright says:

        I want my name on partition for legalizing for Ohio. It will help all those who don’t believe in taking chemicaly made medications. I also believe it’ll help Ohio to get out of its deficet and the world would be a much better place.

  2. Dave Churchill says:

    Excellent website! Very well done and informative.
    Thank you for all you do to get marijuana legalized.

    Dave Churchill

  3. Kyle says:

    I read the reply saying “Just a few more signatures, then, we believe we will have enough” that was posted 10/8/1012 and was wondering since it is now 4/1/13 if we needed many more?

    • Don says:

      We had alcohol spilled on one of our clipboards by an eager petition signer, virtually ruining a couple hundred signatures. We have obtained a few more over this winter, but a couple warm weather events should finally put us over the top. We also need to get with Ohio NORML and a couple of our volunteers to get an estimate of how many we have altogether. We should have enough to submit soon, though, and if approved, we are looking at 2014 to get all the signatures that we will need to get it on the ballot, so there is time yet. If we had more volunteers, this would get done a lot quicker…!

  4. Melissa says:

    I would like to sign a petition. Where can I sign one? I have Gastrodoudenal Crohn’s disease and smoke to deal with my symptoms. Prior to the use of it I took 10+ medication to control the symptoms and was 25 pounds underweight. Now I don’t take any medication, but the cannabis. I still have symptoms, but not nearly as bad. I’m no longer underweight. I should even lose 15. I’m alive solely because of this medication. It would mean a lot to me to sign one.

  5. Linda Bumpass says:

    Don, YES you have volunteers in the Cincinnati area. I’m sharing on my page as are others, and we are organizing here. You’ll have solid backing in Hamilton County. The only other thing on our plates is the reapplying the Sensible Toledo decrim initiative. I’ve spoken with Tonya about assisting with getting a contact list together for you statewide if needed and have begun working with Chad and Mary in Toledo today in same way to help organize the statewide effort. Tonya said she would talk to you and get back with me. I really love the language of your petition and am looking forward to circulating!!!

    • Don says:

      I have spoken with Chad, too, about the Sensible Toledo approach. Municipalities in Ohio can’t overturn or trump state law, I’m told, but I haven’t verified that yet, myself. I do like their approach, though; without changing state law, they are simply attempting to remove all criminal penalties for cannabis in Toledo – a brilliant idea that I support whole-heartedly. I’m glad that you like our proposal, too, a lot of effort has went into writing it in its current form, and I don’t think we’ve forgotten anything. We should know within a month or so whether or not our summary is approved, and that’s when the real work will begin. We do have a lot on our plate, and I look forward to working with everyone who is a Responsible Ohioan for Cannabis, because it will take a lot of us to get this done! Thank you for your help and support!

  6. Nick P says:

    Keep doing what you are doing. This is a fantastic cause. I will spread the word!

  7. Jen says:

    Can’t wait!!!! I’ll sign away. Natural cure All. Tired of Motrin & anti depressants for anxiety & pain. #legalizeit!!!!!

    • Don says:

      After our summary is approved late next month, we have a host of organizers, volunteers, and financial backers that are ready to get our petitions out there everywhere in the state.

  8. Chris says:

    This legislation is to monopolize the profits of the marijuana industry just like the casinos did. Im not desperate enough to support such a cause that lacks fairness and seeks nothing more than monetary justice for 10 already wealthy individuals. Quit trying to hedge your bets with this cartel approach to legalization.

    • Don says:

      We are not that group. Please see our latest post, and feel free to read our proposed Amendment (either the summary or amendment link, they are both essentially the same). Thank you.

      • Ken Duerksen says:

        Perhaps a name change on your part might be prudent at this stage – unless you think a lawsuit could force the corporatist name-highjackers (“Responsible Ohio”)to more adequately differentiate their handle. Good Luck!

        • Don says:

          A lawsuit would only fuel the “infighting” fire, and I’ll be damned if the rich carpetbaggers make us change our name! We chose it because we are all responsible enough to grow and consume cannabis without needing a nanny government to approve of everything. The fears of cannabis harms have never materialized, so there’s just no need for all the regulations that other groups are proposing. Plus, despite them stealing our name and having a horrible proposal for Ohio, they have brought some serious attention to the issue, which has helped our campaign, too, so I’ll have to remember to thank them for that. Once our summary is approved, the media will get it right, and the People will know the difference, so I’m not even worried about it any more. I was just upset at the flood of their hate mail being misdirected to us, but after explaining the difference, most have decided to help us, so it’s all good!

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