Another Setback Removed (Or Not **see update**)

A couple years ago, we stumbled when the Ohio Rights Group usurped all the momentum in the state.  This year, ResponsibleOhio appeared on the scene with millions of corporate dollars and a suspiciously similar name to ours - which is still misdirecting their communications to us.  They have all but dominated efforts in Ohio, and now they, too, have failed.  They surprised us by getting that many signatures in such a short time, but because they used paid petitioners who didn't care if the signatures were valid or not, less than half of their signatures were valid.  Even with the extra 10 days to collect nearly 30,000 valid signatures, it is unlikely that they will make it to the ballot this year, as we predicted months ago.

** Update: They did get enough signatures to be on this November's ballot. Whether their amendment passes or not, if we want REAL cannabis freedom, WE have to do it, big government and big business will NEVER put that on the ballot for us. Please help spread the word, the People need to know that there are other options and groups that need their help! Even if RO's proposal passes this year, ours would trump it next year, but their passage would make our campaign much more difficult due to voters' loss of interest and sense of urgency, and the multi-million dollar counter-campaign that they would most likely run in order to secure their interests. **

Now that that is done, we are refocusing our effort to get our initiative on the 2016 ballot.  There are talks about hosting all Ohio legalization petitions together each weekend at different locations throughout the state.  We will have our summary approved, and God-willing, we will have enough signatures to get on next year's ballot!  We have a huge volunteer base now, and this possibility of collaborating with other legalization groups in the state is very inspiring.  We will do everything we can to see that through.

We have made a promise to never give up, and we intend to honor that promise.  Though we may get pushed aside by other groups and ignored by the media for the most part, we are still here.  We are currently not as well funded or organized as other groups, but that is only temporary.  Signing locations for our amendment are scarce at the moment, but that will change, too.  Stay tuned, and we will update again when there is more to report.

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