First, we would like to apologize to anyone who has tried to contact us and not yet gotten a response.  We have had a flood of comments, emails, media requests, and hundreds of volunteer signups - click here if you would like to help us petition.  We have been struggling to keep up, especially since we have been more focused on our summary submission, which happened earlier this week.  It is overwhelming, yet exciting and very inspiring, too!

We just resubmitted our summary this Tuesday, February 17th.  So there is currently no petition to sign until they approve the summary.  You can now read the proposal on the attorney general's website here.  They will either approve or reject our summary within a few weeks, so we will hear something back from them by the end of the month or early March.  During this time, we are diligently trying to catch up on things, and we have a ton of planning to do for a successful signature drive.  We have some great ideas, but it is now time to start ironing out the details.

Please bear with us.  Our next priorities will be getting in touch with our volunteers and doing either a professional video or video conference to help get everyone on the same page.  We will also begin asking our volunteers who would be interested in being county representatives to help localize our campaign efforts across the state.  Getting information to set up booths at many of the county fairs this summer is a top priority, too.  Site moderation is important, too, but most of what we are seeing are questions that have already been answered, either in our blog, our Amendment page, or our FAQ's page, so if you are concerned that your questions are still awaiting moderation, please look over the website.  Some updates are needed and some questions may still remain, so if something is overlooked, please be patient, or you can contact us directly, though patience may still be required - between all this work and our paying jobs, we are not always available.

Please note that while we are a little behind on the website, it only reflects the level of supporters that have all contacted us at the same time, and until we get someone we can trust to help with moderating the site, we will be playing catch up, but that situation is only temporary.  What's most important now is getting everything lined up for the signature drive, and we will make sure to keep you updated on our progress.  Addressing individual concerns, however, has been extremely time consuming, which is why we keep chipping away at it as it keeps growing.  But we will get to them all in good time.

The biggest question, "where can I sign," has already been addressed, too, but we still keep seeing it.  There is no petition to sign until the summary is approved and we kickoff the main signature drive.  At that time, check back with our website; we will have volunteers, events, and signing locations to announce.

Thank you so much for the support, Ohio!  Together, we WILL bring REAL cannabis freedom to our state!

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