How Can I Help? Are You Ready To Submit?

So many People are asking where to sign or how to print a petition and help collect signatures.  Timing is everything, and we are tentatively looking to submit our initial 1,000 signatures February 12th, so most of our volunteers have already mailed their signatures in to us - if you have collected signatures for EOCPA, we need to hear from you ASAP, still waiting to hear back from a couple.

This makes it a little late in this process for anyone to help petitioning efforts, but once the summary is approved later this month, that's when the full signature drive to get on the ballot will begin - a goal that will require over 300,000 valid signatures.  We will update as soon as we have more...  Stay tuned, we're about to stir up some real liberty in Ohio!

If you would like to stay updated, follow our Blog or Facebook Page, and if you want to help when the petition drive kicks off later this month, you can sign up on our Volunteers page and we'll let you know when and where we will need your help.

If we don't respond to individual requests right away, it's because of the mass of communications that we are receiving currently.  Getting better organized is our top priority while we wait for summary approval, so please bear with us.  Thank you so much!

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