Legalization Campaign Kicks Off In Ohio, Again

Our proposed Ohio Constitutional Amendment, the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act, has been revised to fix the summary problems from before.  We have begun to collect the initial 1,000 valid signatures to submit the new summary for approval.  We have also added an affirmative medical defense.  Medical research, education, and access to legal cannabis for all who need it are extremely valid points and necessary legal changes that would be made by our initiative.

The plant's medical benefits can not be denied, but neither should our freedom, especially for such a benign and beneficial plant.  That is why we have always advocated for the right to grow your own, buy it from your neighbor, or buy it from the store, make any list of products that the plant can be used for, or study it for any known or unknown medical or industrial applications.

Adding this affirmative defense allows for medical access to juveniles that would otherwise have no access.  It will make the cannabis plant truly legal for ALL uses in Ohio!  And by doing it this way, there are no additional doctor protections, licensing requirements, excessive restrictions, or high costs associated, as is the case with some medical marijuana initiatives.

We will be working on videos and setting up online meetings when we are able.  Most questions have been answered on our FAQ's page, and the Amendment page has the summary and our proposed initiative available for everyone to read.  If you have any additional questions, you can always comment anywhere on the website or Facebook page, or by any other means listed on our Contacts page.

I just know this is going to be a quick run to 1,000 this time, and I am so happy and inspired by the amount of support we have seen!  So many of you have answered the call to help change the course of history!  The end of federal prohibition may soon be near, and we're going to need help ending it here in Ohio, too!  If you'd like to help, please see our Volunteers page.

Also, we will be at the Yellow Springs Street Fair next weekend on Saturday, October 12th, to kickoff our campaign.  Stop out to sign, help petition, or just to have a great time!  We will either be in front of the Spirited Goat Coffee House or walking the crowd.  We will be hard to miss, but if you can't find us, email or call us any time, details on our Contact page.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with every Responsible Ohioan for Cannabis!

Don McAdams

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7 Responses to Legalization Campaign Kicks Off In Ohio, Again

  1. Scott benko says:

    I would like to sign this is there an e sign for it?

    • Don says:

      We are just getting started, but we will have volunteers, signing locations, and events posted where you will be able to sign. Unfortunately, Ohio law (as well as most states, I believe) do not allow electronic signatures for petitions. If you are able to make it to Yellow Springs this Saturday for their Street Fair, that is the first and only event that we have scheduled so far, details on our Events page. Once we get the volunteers’ info together, we will make that available on the site as well. This will be a long road to 2016, so there will be ample time. Stay tuned to our site and Facebook page to stay updated. And thanks for the support!

  2. Rebecca Berisko says:

    Waiting on the E sign option here too in Akron

  3. Rebecca Berisko says:

    darn it no E-sign acceptance?!!!…..Well I would love to be able to sign but I will not be no where near Yellow Springs (sad face)

    • Don says:

      We are trying to get on the 2016 ballot, so there will be plenty of time and events for everyone to sign. Right now, we are just getting started and have very little information available. Once we get all of our volunteer info together, that will be a big help, too. So, look for us near you and stay tuned to our Events and Volunteers pages, we will post new information when available.

      Oh, and Ohio will likely never give us an e-signature option for petitions. Wish we could, that would make things a million times easier!

  4. Jesse says:

    they are already taking away our rights because we have the freedom of religion it states in the holy bible that god put herbs on the the land for our use and if you guys ever come to toledo ohio i will sign one myself

    • Don says:

      Sign up for the newsletter or follow us on Facebook. As soon as we have any events in your area, we will definitely post about it. Also, if we have any volunteers in your area, we will have that listed on our Volunteers section of the website as soon as we have a chance to get with all of our volunteers to find out what information they want made public, if any. We are just starting to get all this organized, so please bear with us. Our goal is to get on the 2016 ballot, so there is plenty of time to get this all together. Thanks for the support!

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