Webinar Tomorrow

The technical difficulties we experienced with the webinar today were crippling.  Framing the webinar did not work, so we will have to share the new screenleap link again after we begin tomorrow, at 2pm.  I will post that link to the website and our Facebook page after the show starts.

Also, you will not be able to hear me unless you call in!  Not knowing this bit of information is what monkey-wrenched the operation today.  If you do not have good cell phone service, or the number is long distance for you, try using an online VOIP service like Skype or Gmail.  If anyone needs any help on that, I will be offline tonight, so Google it, and I will try to help before the webinar tomorrow.  Please contact me before the webinar for any assistance (Contact page on our website, Facebook page, my personal Facebook profile, etc.).

We will be looking into other webinar options throughout next week and may decide to have a couple every weekend, but for tomorrow, we will try this method again.  I am also going to create a video(s) to cover all the important information that our Volunteers will need.  So don't worry, we will not leave you hangin' with unanswered questions.

Hopefully I'll hear from all of you after 2pm tomorrow!

Thanks again,
Don McAdams

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2 Responses to Webinar Tomorrow

  1. githop says:

    I’d suggest trying a Google+ hangout for your next webinar. I am the IT admin a company and we use it daily to host meetings with our regional branches. You can even screen share your desktop screen in case you have content to highlight during the webinar. Also you can have it streamed to youtube live and will be saved to your youtube channel for later viewing. email me if you have any questions!

    • Don says:

      We have been using GoToMeeting at my job, but I was trying to find a free alternative. Google+ would work fine, but only for those that have an account or want to create one. I think that we may just go with some youtube videos to cover what we need, and just regular communication for any thing else, but G+ is a good idea to consider, too. We have a lot on our plate right now and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanx!

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