Full Legalization Effort Begins in Ohio

The Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis have collected enough signatures to submit our proposed Ohio Constitutional Amendment to Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine’s office for wording approval. We will be available in front of the statehouse at 30 E. Broad St. in Columbus at 3 p.m. August 2nd for any questions, and will go up to the Constitutional Offices on the 16th floor to submit our petitions directly thereafter.

There are currently two medical marijuana petitions circulating Ohio, one just for medical marijuana and the other includes hemp. The Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis' proposed initiative, the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act, is not a medical marijuana initiative. It would allow for hemp production and the adult recreational use of marijuana, so children would not have access to marijuana in Ohio.

Colorado and Washington are the only two states thus far to legalize the adult recreational use of marijuana. A total of nine states currently have legislation to allow for hemp production - a very useful, industrial plant that is a cousin of marijuana and has no intoxicating effects. To date, none of these states have yet implemented the necessary legislation to regulate the commercial production or retail of recreational marijuana nor hemp. Similar regulations are tasked to Ohio Departments of Agriculture and Commerce by our initiative, but non-commercial production would become legal immediately upon passage.

We believe that the free market will command low prices. Ohio sales taxes and licensing fees (capped at $1,250 annually for any one commercial site) would bring a much needed boost to Ohio's economy. We would also save millions of dollars by eliminating the high costs of prosecuting and incarcerating Ohioans for a drug that most of the country, and many studies, say is safer than alcohol.

Join us to hear more about the initiative, especially if you'd like to help us make this a reality for Ohio!  More information is available on our FAQ's and Amendment pages.

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6 Responses to Full Legalization Effort Begins in Ohio

  1. Kathleen Roby says:

    There a many folks in the Appalachian counties who want to sign petitions, but cannot get to Columbus. We pray there is another way, and, that it all gets legalized!

      • Carlena says:

        I was in two bad car accidents ,which was not my fault.Now I have fibromylga severe muscle spasms,bad headaches,arthritis,severe chronic pains.I was in a coma, I had to learn everything again. Plus my neck was broken. I have been on opiates for twenty years.I tried marijuana before it helped with my pain.Please LEGALIZE MEDICAL MARIJUANA THANK YOU PS My leg was also shorten which causes my legs to shake having severe pain.Now I have to use a wheelchair for shopping. Also my left leg gives out on me, causing me to fall. My doctor told me to get a cane.And I had a brain stem.Help

        • Don says:

          In a few of the 20 medical marijuana states, there are patients whom have their doctors’ recommendations, but they’re not allowed to grow it, and have limited or no options of finding it legally available, from retailers nor co-ops. After all that fighting and winning, they have actually still lost, waiting on the state regulations or for a decision handed down from the Obama Administration. That is why we believe that the best way to make marijuana available to patients is to make it completely legal for ALL adults!

          Our initiative is for full legalization of the cannabis plant for all uses, including industrial hemp. Anyone would be allowed to grow marijuana, so if a patient is not able to for any reason, they would find a thriving market where, thanks to the rule of supply and demand, it should be relatively cheap. Any cannabis products that can get you “high” would not be available to juveniles. We firmly believe that cannabis’ many listed benefits are not age-discriminant, and that is why we support both of the medical marijuana petitions currently circulating in Ohio, as well.

          We encourage you to sign all 3 so we can get them all on the 2014 ballot and let the good People of Ohio decide! Our initiative should be made available within a few weeks. We will have our Volunteers page on the site within the next few days, and it will explain everything, so stay tuned, on our blog, newsfeed, or facebook page.

  2. john phillips says:

    I have over 100 friends that will sign the petition where can I find and sign a copy

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