A Few Events, Then We Submit Our Petitions!

It has been very slow for us since we started this Ohio Constitutional Amendment process.  We had stacks of signatures that were on wrongfully-printed petition packets, so we had to scrap them then start over.  Then, months later after we had gathered more stacks of signatures, one of our committee members moved out of state, so we had to scrap them and start over again!

Now everything is finally in good order, and short of losing a couple hundred signatures due to an eager signer spilling his alcohol on several packets, we are nearly ready to submit.  Yes, we've said that before, but short of another crisis happening, we mean it this time.

We have 3 events coming up where we will be petitioning, then we will finally be ready to submit our wording with the required initial 1,000 signatures.  The first event will be the Yellow Springs Street Fair on June 8th.  We will be petitioning from around 11am or noon until later that night.

The second event will be the Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival at Goodale Park in Columbus.  Though it is Friday and Saturday, we will only be there Saturday June 22nd, but we will be there all day.

The third event is also at Goodale Park on the following weekend.  ComFest is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and at this time, we are only looking at attending on Saturday, June 29th.  That date is a definite, if we decide to make it Friday or Sunday, we will surely update that on this site.

Hope to see you all there!  Anyone who would like to meet-up and help us petition, please let us know.  You can use our Contact Us page to get ahold of us however you prefer.  After these events, we will need to get everyone's signatures together for a tally and submission.  Anyone who has signatures to submit to us, please be aware that we will need them by the end of next month.  If mailing or delivering them to us is not an option for you, let us know where we can meet you to get them, or meet us in Columbus when we personally submit them to the Attorney General's office in late June / early July.

After all the setbacks, we're finally in a position to move forward again.  Please help us end prohibition in Ohio, to give farmers a viable crop, to help curb the number of non-violent criminals in prison, and to help Ohio's economy and the betterment of the State and its People in general.

Thank You,

Don McAdams

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