ROCtober Yellow Springs Street Fair!

Yellow Springs Street FairWe have had a long road this past year.  Twice we have had to destroy what signatures we had collected, once due to a misprint (margin error went unnoticed by the print store, and was no problem on our end) and once due to one of our committee members moving out of state.  We have reconstructed and moved this website, and now we have many more features available to us, including a newsletter that we will make available soon.

Once again, we are nearly ready to submit our initial 1,000 signatures with our proposed ballot wording in hopes of having it approved for the full signature drive (which would be nearly a half-million signatures needed by early July 2013).

We will be at the Yellow Springs Street Fair this Saturday, October 13th, from around 2 p.m. until late that night.  Look for our clipboards in the air near the corner of Xenia Ave. (route 68) and Corry St. (by Subway & BP) so you can sign, too!  Questions and helpers/volunteers always welcome!

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