We’re Back!

Ohio w/ Cannabis Leaves

Let’s Make Ohio Green!

We have successfully moved our website. Other than one minor workaround (our “Ballot” page is now our “Amendment” page), everything went smooth, and certain bugs that we've had for some time have now been resolved. The new host is much faster, and the social previews are no longer generic. Worth every bit of the $42 to host it this year! See you all at the Yellow Springs Street Fair on October 13th!

This has been a long road just to get the initial 1,000 signatures.  Between the lack of volunteers, scrapping our first 800 signatures due to a committee member moving out of state, and our inability to make it to some key events, our task has proven to be much more difficult than we had hoped.

We still believe that our wording will be approved once submitted.  Until then, we are content with drudging forward through all of the hardships, negativity, and nihilism.  If our efforts haven't seemed very far-reaching, it is because we didn't think we'd have to reach out much at all for a mere 1,000 signatures.  We are still confident that once the wording is approved that more people will be onboard.

Until then, you're all welcome to help us get a few signatures.  See our Amendment page for details.  Event suggestions are very helpful, too.  And you can always share our efforts with your friends, perhaps they may be better able to help us.  Please do something to let us know that Ohio really wants this, because at times, it has been very difficult to tell.

Thank you!

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