Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis

Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis is a registered political action committee (PAC) in the state of Ohio, reg. #BI1516, and our mission is to legalize cannabis for all uses in Ohio!  Nearly half the states have already done so in regard to medical use, and now four states have passed some form of full legalization, as well as Washington D.C.!

** UPDATE: FORTY (40) STATES + DC now have some form of legalization, including non-implemented and CBD-only, but still, a true sign that we are winning! Ohioans deserve to be added to this list, but not just for medical. We need to be a booming epicenter for hemp production again. We need to end the absurd penalties for such a benign substance / activity, and maybe even welcome some tourism revenue by becoming the most permissive state in the country!

The mission:

1) Collect enough signatures to get the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act (EOCPA) proposed voter-initiated Ohio Constitutional Amendment on the ballot for Ohioans to vote on in 2016!

2) Educate the public about the benefits of legalizing cannabis, and how our proposal is the BEST choice for REAL cannabis freedom in Ohio!

3) Vote for the Act’s passage once it makes it to the ballot!

Please see our FAQ’s page for any questions you may have.  Our Amendment page contains petitioning instructions and information about the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act summary and ballot wording (also linked on the Amendment page).

We really will need every responsible Ohioan that supports cannabis legalization to help us spread the word, and sign!  We are asking for any Volunteers who are able and willing to support this cause to help us collect signatures.  If you want to sign, look for information available on our Find a Volunteer or Events page – Once petitioning resumes, we will have more opportunities listed.

Please join us in making this a reality for Ohio’s farmers, the People who are being unjustly made into criminals, and the betterment of the People, the environment, and the economy in general.

Thank You!

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