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Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis

Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis is a registered political action committee (PAC) in the state of Ohio, reg. #BI1516, and our mission is to get cannabis legal for adult use and to build a hemp industry in Ohio while asserting the states’ sovereign rights over this issue.  Nearly half the states have already done so in regard to medical use, including Washington D.C., and as we all know, Colorado and Washington successfully passed cannabis legalization laws last November.

The mission:

1) Collect enough signatures to get the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act (EOCPA) proposed ballot initiative resubmitted for summary approval, and ultimately to get it on the ballot for Ohioans to vote on in 2016.

2) Educate the public about the benefits of legalizing cannabis (or marijuana) and hemp.

3) Vote for the Act’s passage once it makes it to the ballot!

Each stage is actually a great challenge, especially since this isn’t a “job” for us nor our volunteers.  We need 1,000 valid signatures to submit the summary and get it approved, then once approved, we’ll need roughly 500,000 to get it on the ballot.

Please see our FAQ’s page for a short summary of our goals and proposed amendment.  Our Amendment page contains petitioning instructions and links to the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act’s full summary and wording.

We really will need every responsible Ohioan that supports cannabis legalization to at least help us spread the word, and sign!  We are asking for any Volunteers who are able and willing to support this cause to help us collect signatures.  If you want to sign, look for information available on our Find a Volunteer or Events page, once it is available.

Please join us in making this a reality for Ohio’s farmers, the People who are being unjustly made into criminals, and the betterment of the People, the environment, and the economy in general.

Thank You!

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